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Nicholas & Karla Moreno

Co-Founders of FOLCLORE


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We Get The Job Done Right

We are the premier Hispanic Owned targeting firm in the Midwest. We are the people big agencies, brands and firms call to secretly do their work. We treat all of our clients with the same respect, energy and professionalism as we did our very first.

Strategic Communications & Hispanic Outreach

In this fast paced world, breaking through to consumers gets more difficult by the day. We know the messaging that needs to be delivered.


This is the digital era capturing people’s attention, earning their trust, and getting them to take action requires a target strategy that keeps your brand in their face as much as possible.


Sound advertising that delivers the best bang for your buck requires the knowing the numbers. Our team delivers the numbers and the copy that connects to the consumer.

Text Blasting & Mobilization

Everyone has their phone on them today. We make sure your brand is in their hands as frequently as possible.

Data & Analytics

You need accurate information. We have the best voter and consumer data in the nation, hands down, not even close. Whether you are a political campaign or an industry brand, you can be assured that the data points you are working with are the best.


A great strategy isn’t enough. You need amazing creatives that deliver your brand's message. Our design teams turn ideas into communication that moves people.

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